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Everybody Deserves a Massage

Tranquil Touch is a business that specializes in massage therapy services. If you wish to learn more about what I offer, feel free to call or email me.

Achieve Relaxation and Rehabilitate Your Muscles

My name is Connie Helton, and I am the owner of Tranquil Touch. Since February 2005, my business has been providing exceptional massage therapy services to clients in Des Moines, Iowa and surrounding locations. Whether you’re interested in getting a deep tissue, lymphatic, or craniosacral massage, I am here to fulfill your needs.

My Story

I established Tranquil Touch because I wanted to venture out of the restaurant business and start a new career in the massage industry. I wish to help people feel better overall (in mind, body, and soul) through massages.


Client testimonials will be added soon.

“I have been seeing Connie at Tranquil touch for many years to enhance my health. I have seen first hand the benefit of regular therapeutic massage to keep me active into my sixties. I recommend her to all my friends who are looking for relief from their health issues.”


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